Access to Better Communication is dedicated to you and your child in order to help them improve their communication skills. Different materials are used in order to better meet the needs of each individual child. Different screenings and evaluations are done in order to better identify the needs of your child.

Our services are designed to help your child succeed and these are the tools that we use:

Having Fun at Access to Better Communication


– Audiological Screening
– Pure Tone Audiometry
– Tympanometry


Speech/Language Screening

– Articulation
– Language
– Voice
– Fluency


Diagnostic Evaluations

– Simple Evaluation
– Voice
– Articulation


Intermediate Evaluation

– Preschool Language
– Preschool Fluency
– School Aged Language
– Articulation/Language


Extended Evaluation

– School Aged – Adult Fluency
– Reading/Language
– School Aged Language Processing
– Social Skills



– Thirty-minute session
– Forty-five minute session
– One hour session
– Group session
– Summer Groups



– Preschool Language Program
– Reading/Language Groups
– Social Skills Groups
– Barton Reading and Spelling System
– Fluency Groups



– Parent Conferences
– Teacher Conferences
– Physician Conferences
– Extended Telephone Conferences


Written Documentation

– Diagnostic Reports
– Insurance letters
– Detailed progress reports
– Daily progress notes


Call and talk to one of our Access to Better Communication team members by phone at 225-930-0208 or via email on our contact us page.

We look forward to working with you and your child!

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