Kids Spend too Much Time on Their iPad? Try These Activities Instead!

Kids today spend a lot of their time looking at screens. TV screens, computer screens, tablets, ect. In order to help you come up with alternatives that your kids are actually going to want to do instead we found this article with 14 different ideas. We hope they help!

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From the article:

Paint with old socks. Or the chopsticks from last night’s takeout. Or any offbeat things besides brushes, says Erica Young, an early-childhood educator, a mother of two, and a coeditor of “I roll some butcher paper over a table, squirt a bunch of blobs of paint on it, and let them use their hands, of course, but other weird items, too. Let them drive toy cars through the colors,” says Young.

Decorate old or inexpensive furniture. “This summer I plan to let my kids, ages four and six, each paint the wooden chair they sit in at the dinner table. I got them at a garage sale years ago. Why not let the kids personalize them?” says Young.

Go hunting with an empty egg carton. Send kids out to find a dozen interesting objects, one for each divot. Even better: Give each child a magnifying glass, a bag of trail mix, and a water bottle, explorer-style, says Cuff.

Set aside a dirt patch. If you have an underused spot in your yard, let it be a free-to-dig plot for the kids. “We have a small spot outside the kitchen window where the kids have full rein to get their hands dirty,” says Cuff. Leave shovels nearby. Bury “gems” (craft-store beads or other shiny items) for them to uncover.

Fill sensory bins. This is ideal for toddlers. Fill a plastic bin with beans or rice, and throw in scoopers and small bowls. Or use cotton balls and plastic tongs. “Many little kids will pour and scoop for ages,” says Young. A water bin with ducks and boats also works on a hot day.

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