Did You Know that Your Kindergartener’s Social Behavior Can Predict Future Success? Learn More Here!

Every parent wants their child to succeed but did you know that as early as 5 or 6 you can predict future success? We found this article that we hope will be of help to you and your child now and in the future!

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From the article:

You may joke with your friends that your daughter acts like she’s five going on 25, but your child’s social behavior at that age may predict her future more than you think. A study recently published online in the American Journal of Public Health found that prosocial behavior at age 5 can predict success in adulthood.

The study collected data from 700 individuals, who were part of the Fast Track Project, over the course of almost 20 years. In kindergarten, teachers answered questions about how their students interacted with other children in social situations. When the individuals reached their 20s, researchers from Penn State then followed up to determine how well they were managing. Researchers looked at education level, employment, use of public assistance, criminal activity, substance abuse, and mental health.

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